Create your own science video playlist with a mix of our NGSS standards aligned programs. A great resource for supplementing any lesson plan or classroom instruction plan. Includes teacher guides, student activities, cool STEM projects and classroom activities. Grades PreK-8.

Programs include:

  • Physics
  • Earth Science
  • Biology
  • Paleontology
  • Astronomy
  • Environmental Studies
  • Chemistry
  • Historical Figures
  • STEM Projects

She Can STEM is a short series of videos and interviews showcasing female role models across a variety of STEM fields. These videos will inspire students to see themselves in STEM careers, while highlighting the cool, creative, and inspiring fields out there! Grades 3-8

2 Minute Classroom covers science and math concepts in fun, engaging, and QUICK ways that students will love! These short videos are the perfect introduction to new concepts or an engaging way to review challenging materials. Grades 4-8

Science Max is an exciting series of videos that supersize and turbocharge traditional science experiments, while providing steps to bring the experiments right into your classroom! Grades 3-6

The greatest inventor of all time, Thomas Edison had a secret lab where he invented a virtual version of himself to inspire future generations of young scientists. Kids will love joining Thomas Edison and his friends on their science adventures, and learn how much fun science can be! Grades K-5

Hippothesis is an interactive series that engages younger students in the scientific process through fun adventures! Every video also includes an easy classroom science project that can be used as a reinforcement activity using materials you already have in your classroom! PK - 2

Finding Stuff Out is a lively science-oriented series that explores concepts chosen by kids themselves! Students will love finding out answers to the questions that matter to them the most! 3 - 6

Join Cosmo on an adventure to explore each planet in our Solar System and reveal something amazing about each one. Each episode features a real live-action astronomer to give students fun facts. Grades PK - 2

A series of short, funny interviews with animals in their natural habitat. The animals reveal helpful facts and information, while the intrepid camera crew try to deal with their big egos, short-tempers and zany attitudes. Grades PK - 2

Each episode stars a different insect, who tells us all sorts of fun, interesting and sometimes disgusting facts about where they live, what jobs they do, how they survive in such dangerous places and how we humans have got Creepy Crawlies all wrong! Grades PK - 2

Featuring different fish, mollusks and crustaceans who present interesting facts about their habitat and how they survive in such deep, dark and sometimes dangerous places! Students learn facts about the creatures who inhabit our waters. Grades PK - 2

A crime-fighting brother and sister investigate gross criminals, their gross crimes and gross phenomena. Together with their team they go on adventures based on real scientific facts to keep the city safe! Grades 3 - 6

Students will love accompanying Ranger Rob on his adventures in Big Sky Park! Ranger Rob will lead the pack as he teaches lessons about the environment, conservation, animals, and nature! Grades PK - 2

Brewster and Maggie are an inquisitive pair who love finding out answers to those curious questions kids have! Students will love brainstorming and exploring alongside this creative pair! Grades PK - 2

Explore the vast world of STEM with the variety of Fumpy Facts videos! These videos are the perfect lesson introduction or quick review! With vast a variety of topics covered, students will journey around the world to meet famous faces, such as Thomas Edison and Marie Curie, and explore from the inner workings of our bodies all the way to Mars! Grades 3 - 6

Run, jump and soar into science with Mr. Marc and his fitness adventures! Exercise has been proven to stimulate brain function so why not change up your science lesson with an active learning experience. Grades K - 5


Adventure 2 Learning resources are specially designed for classroom use and flexibility, supporting a wide range of instructional purposes and needs, including:

  • Lesson Introductions & Supplements
  • Content Resource for Under-resourced Subjects and New Topics
  • Classroom “Brain Breaks”
  • Subject Transitions
  • Content for Kinesthetic and Non-Traditional Learners
  • Indoor PE & Recess Solutions
  • Before & After School Activities